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Skincare For the Scalp?

Shaving your head may be scary at first, but it's one of the most stylish grooming looks when pulled off—and it all comes down to maintenance.

That's why MANTL's made for both the skin on your face and scalp.  Think of your scalp as an extension of your skin, but more delicate.  In fact, it ages about 6 times faster than the rest of your skin!  Here are a few things you should know about your scalp and how to pull off the chrome dome effortlessly:

1. It has more oil-producing, sebaceous glands.

Yes, our scalp tends to produce more oil, which is why cleansing is an important step to help prevent clogged pores.  This is also the reason why we created our No-Shine Sheets, which absorbs excess oil and shine throughout the day.

2. It has a lower barrier function.

Our skin barrier is the outermost layer of your epidermis.  It protects us from environmental irritants like pollution and bacteria while locking in much needed natural nutrients and moisture.  The scalp has a lower ability to maintain and replenish moisture compared to the skin on the rest of our body.  After cleansing, using a moisturizer will help add hydration back to the scalp.  This will help combat signs of aging too.

3. SPF is a must for a bald head.

A bald scalp is fully exposed to sun damage and it’s the first thing the sun hits.  UVA rays cause signs of premature aging while UVB rays lead to sunburns and play a large role in skin cancer. 

But not all sunscreens are made for the delicate skin and pores on your head — most SPFs are heavy and designed to go on your body. When shopping for sunscreen, make sure you choose a lightweight formula designed for the face and scalp to avoid potential breakouts, like our Invisible Daily SPF. Also, ensure the sunscreen is broad-spectrum to protect against UVA and UVB rays, and is a minimum of SPF 30 as recommended by dermatologists.