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Staying Sun Safe at Your Beach Wedding

There’s something unforgettable about a beach wedding. Maybe it’s the soothing sound of waves washing ashore or the connection you feel to nature as you bury your feet in the sand. Not only do you get built-in “decor” from mother nature, but a beach wedding lends a unique sense of freedom and relaxation. We spoke to Blue Nile, the world’s leading online retailer of diamond engagement and wedding rings, to share our thoughts on how to plan the ultimate beach wedding, and how MANTL can help you stay safe in the sun from “I-do” to the dance floor. What makes a beach wedding special? The typical pressures that accompany hosting a traditional wedding just don’t exist when the ocean is the backdrop. You can draw endless inspiration from the beach to guide you as you make every decision for your big day. As you lean into the relaxing ambiance of a beach wedding, you invite guests to do the same, allowing them to swap the black-tie formal wear for more breathable attire. That’s not the only reason your guests will rave about your wedding for years to come. Your beach wedding will feel more like an experience to them. They’ll likely remember it as not only a celebration of love but a beautiful vacation too. Let’s look at some of the details you’ll want to consider if you’re planning beachfront “I dos. These are our tips for hosting a beach wedding Prepare guests for the climate You’ll want to make sure guests feel comfortable, and with a beach wedding, this goes beyond the attire... You’ll want to make sure your guests are protected from the impact of the sun’s rays. Consider providing parasols, umbrellas, and sunscreen–especially one that goes on clear like MANTL’s Invisible Daily SPF 30. Whether your wedding is in the heat of the early afternoon or the cool breeze of a beachy night, your guests can still get sunburned or be sweatier than they hope to be in all of those wedding photos. Help them feel their best by having travel-size toiletries on hand so they can freshen up before photos and avoid any potential sunburn. You can also have non-talc baby powder so that guests can easily wipe sand off their feet. Preparing for these small details makes all the difference to how guests remember your wedding. Consider the location If a guest has to use the restroom, you don’t want them to have to trek far to do so. Pick a spot on the beach that’s close to restrooms. We all know how parched we feel after a day at the beach, so you’ll also want to set up a drink stand nearby. Be open with guests about the details, so they too can prepare to enjoy your special day. If they’ll be dancing the night away on sand, let them know so they can ditch the closed-toe dress shoes for sandals or, even better, go barefoot. Plan for the unexpected You might see a lot of beachgoers crowding the beach on your wedding day, the wind might be louder than usual, and other interruptions could unexpectedly pop up. Maintaining flexibility will be key to staying stress-free on your wedding day. One way you can minimize the impact of interruptions is by keeping the ceremony short. Poor cell phone reception at the beach could also make it difficult to live stream your wedding for virtual guests, so consider having a videographer who can make a wedding film to share with friends and family later on. Create lasting memories with a beach wedding Let the beach set the tone for the most romantic night of the rest of your lives together. When you stay flexible and consider what you can prepare for, you’ll host the most memorable beach wedding that your friends and family have ever attended. Most importantly, you’ll have a wedding venue that you can visit for so many anniversaries to come.